Member Spotlight Form

As businesses become new members of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce, we offer to showcase them by featuring their business in the “Spotlight on New Members” segment of our monthly newsletter, VenangoWorks!. Our newsletter is direct mailed to over 500 member businesses each month, available to the public on the Chamber website, and an email with a link to the newsletter is sent to over 800 individuals, both members and non-members, each month. The spotlight segment is a way for us to feature you as a new member and introduce you to the Chamber Community.

To help us write your spotlight article, we ask that you would please complete the questions below. From your answers, we will write the article and then send it to you for any suggestions or changes that you’d like to make. We can also interview you in person or on the phone, or you can send us an already written article if you prefer. Spotlight articles should be approximately 750 works in length.

Member Spotlight Article Questionaire

This form is used to collect information for a future newsletter article. You can cut and paste from other documents or your website if you already have information available to share. We'll write the final article and send it to you to review before publishing.
  • Briefly tell us what you do/ sell/ offer. If we can find this or additional information on your website, tell us here.
  • Tell us a little about when your business started/ why it started or history that would be interesting for others to know.
  • Two to three short facts to be included in a box in the article. This can be something unique, unexpected, fun, or important about your business. Please no longer than one sentence.
  • The Fun Stuff!

    Please choose 3 or more of the questions below to answer (more if the answers are brief, less if one is more interesting and lengthy).
  • Show us Your Stuff!

    We would like to have a logo and photo to accompany your article. Please upload any graphics below or send them to with a note that they are to be included with your article.
  • Attach a photo below (jpg, gif, png or pdf, no larger than 8MB)
  • Attach a logo below (jpg, gif, png or pdf, no larger than 8MB)