Invest Venango

Holly and AmandaWhat is Invest Venango?

The Invest Venango campaign has been launched to encourage Venango area businesses and individuals to shift just 5% of their current out-of-area spending back into the local economy. It’s not about spending MORE money – it’s about keeping the dollars you already spend local. Get your questions answered here, then sign up to become a pledge company!

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Now you can make a bold statement about your commitment to shifting business purchases back into the local economy. Just display the Invest Venango Decal.

If you’ve been able to shift dollars back into the local economy because of your efforts to invest in Venango,please complete this quick survey and tell us about it!

Why was the Invest Venango Campaign created?

This campaign was developed in response to the concern expressed by several members of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce about the amount of business that was being lost to companies outside of the area, and outside of our state. The campaign exists to encourage all area businesses to consider buying from local businesses before buying out-of-area.

What is the goal of the campaign?

Our ultimate goal is to affect a shift in local business-to-business purchasing so that five percent of the amount now spent outside the Venango area is returned to our local community. We’ll do this by increasing public awareness about the advantages of buying from local businesses and promoting area businesses. We hope to not only improve the bottom line for these businesses, but also improve the local economy overall and create a sustainable future for our community. We are asking businesses and local governments to take a look at their purchasing habits and to pledge to shift five percent of their out-of-area purchases back into the local area.

Stop by the chamber office to get your free “Invest Venango”  removable decal