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Oil Valley Internal Medicine Assoc.

Dr. Richard B. Whalen, M.D.
339 West Spring St.
Suite 102
Titusville, PA 16354
Phone: (814) 676-0431
Fax: (814) 677-6342

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Seneca Primary Care, Inc.

Dr. Savita Joneja, M.D.
3529 State Route 257
Seneca, PA 16346
Phone: (814) 677-7338
Fax: (814) 670-0453

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Venango Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

Donald Bittner M.D.
100 Fairfield Dr.
Seneca, PA 16346
Phone: (814) 676-7130
Fax: (814) 677-5348

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Timothy S. Brooks, D.P.M.

Dr. Timothy Brooks, D.P.M.
108 N 13th St
Franklin, PA 16323
Phone: (814) 827-0746
Fax: (814) 677-7373

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Seneca Medical Center of Butler Health System

Jami Clark
1 Parkway, Seneca Commons
P.O. Box 802
Seneca, PA 16346
Phone: (814) 676-5444
Fax: (814) 676-0342

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Venango Internal Medicine Associates - UPMC

Holly Schossler
1 Memorial Drive
Oil City, PA 16301
Phone: (814) 676-8571
Fax: (814) 676-9155

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Hope Pediatrics

Glenn G. Hamm, MD
3512 State Route 257
Seneca, PA 16346
Phone: (814) 677-3717
Fax: (814) 677-8914

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Laurel Eye Clinic

Corey Santoriello
2968 State Rt 257 North
P.O. Box 13738
Seneca, PA 16346
Phone: (814) 676-1651

The Laurel Eye Clinic was founded in 1973 and to this day continues to be recognized on a national and international level to be one of the finest practices, anywhere, and is considered among the industry leaders in surgical innovation and ophthalmic education. The Laurel Eye Clinic offeres vision correction procedures including LASIK, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, and more.

The Laurel Eye Clinic is dedicated to being the leader in Ophthalmology by providing the highest quality ophthalmic care and related services. In so doing, we are committed to upholding the highest of ethical standards and place patient satisfaction above all else. From the simplest personal interaction to the most complex technologic procedure, every facet of our practice will serve to achieve this goal.

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