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Gibbons Business Solutions

Holly L. Gibbons
409 13th Street
Franklin, PA 16323
Phone: (814) 657-6800

Gibbons Business Solutions provides affordable professional digital, print, web-based and social media marketing solutions, and account development services to organizations, agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses. GBS will focus on your organization's needs and helping you reach a broader audience.

Services include:
*Social Media Marketing & Training
*Web-Based Business Solutions: Website Design, Web Hosting, Email *Marketing
*Professional Voiceovers, Video & Radio Production, Media Buying
*Project Management: IT Consulting & Business Solutions
*Graphic Design: Web or Print Publications
*Digital Signage
*Content Development: Web, Document, Publication and Social Media
*Event Planning, Trade Shows, Booth Design
*Lead Generation/ Qualification & Account Development
*Career Development Documents & Training

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Categories: Marketing