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Thirty~one with Lj Stone

Laurajane Stone
2135 Georgetown Road
Kennerdell, PA 16374
Phone: (814) 671-4239

Hello there! I am so happy you stopped by . This is a great place to find a special gift for the people you love the most! Placing names, dates, or special uplifting messages on your items can brighten anyone's day. It makes them know that you picked that gift especially for them and NO ONE else! You can decorate your home or spruce up a nursery with matching bags and storage items...all items are reasonably priced too I thank you for your interest in MY THIRTY ONE experience. All of my hostess special picks go to people who cannot afford bags in my line of single parents, children, elders, and friends. I am a pastor and seminary student and I run across the most amazing people...sometimes a simple gift can just brighten their day so they can continue to bring *JOY to others*...Bless you and your shopping!

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