Board of Directors Application

Our Mission:The Venango Area Chamber of Commerce builds, serves and promotes regional business.

The governance of the Chamber, the direction of its work, and the control of its property is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. The Board is elected to represent a broad cross section of business and professional leaders. The Board sets the overall policy of the Chamber and guides its direction through the adoption of the annual program of work. Each Director is essential to the success of the Chamber and should understand the responsibilities and commitment required of a Director.

 Qualifications for Board Membership 

  • Member in good standing
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Community Involvement
  • Commitment to the Mission of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Willingness to accept the responsibility and commitment of Board Membership

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board 

Leadership: The Governance of the Chamber is the responsibility of the Board. The Board is elected to represent a cross section of business and professional leaders. The Board sets policy and guides the direction of the chamber through the adoption of an annual business plan and long range plan. As advocates Board members interpret the mission of the chamber, defend it under pressure and represent it to the members and the community. The chamber board uses the  mission statement and values of the organization to take positions on important community issues.

Financial Support: The by-laws support the governing role of the board by establishing officers and putting the financial control and overall well being of the organization in the control of the board. Every board member must play an active role in the income, through their associated businesses support (beyond membership dues) or through active fundraising and membership growth.

Time: The Venango Chamber has an aggressive schedule of events and activities that require many volunteers.  Board members should expect to provide assistance, themselves and through their influence with other volunteers.

Engagement: Board members lead the organization in providing support in many ways, including attendance at events, sponsorship of activities, purchase of publication ads etc. General members do notice whether board members are involved. The example of Board Members set a standard for others to follow. The expertise that board members possess, making them a valuable asset to the organization, needs to be tapped for the good of the chamber. Board Members provide “quick response” advice on the areas of interest or considered consultation in their areas of expertise are essential components to the success of the organization.

I agree to allow my name to be submitted for consideration of nomination to the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce for possible election to the Board of Directors.

If I am elected to the Board of Directors, I agree to do the following:

  • Attend all possible regular Board Meetings held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m. and special meetings as may be required.
  • Attend the Annual Planning Conference in January/February.
  • Support special events.
  • Enter into full discussion and participation in policy decisions affecting the Chamber and business community.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all Board meetings.
  • Accept the responsibility of any assignments and payment membership dues during my term.
  • Offer suggestions that may improve Chamber programs and internal operations.
  • Avail myself for greater responsibilities in the program and structure of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attend the Board Orientation.

Upon completion of the following form, I commit to having read the above expectations and submit this application for a position of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Board Member Application

Our Vision:  to be THE regional leader aligning business influence to drive vitality and prosperity. 

Our Values – It’s CLEAR

Integrity – We are honest and trustworthy in every action and intent.

 Communication -We are committed to promoting the best environment for businesses to thrive and succeed.

Leadership – We are visionary and innovative with the courage to be bold and stand by our values.

 Education – We are committed to advancing lifelong Workforce Development education opportunities in our region.

 Advocacy – We are responsive to the needs of the business community as the voice of influence for economic growth and business development.

 Relationships – We are the premier pathway for building strong connections between our members, leaders and decision makers.