Social Media Advice: Using Insights to Improve Your Page

If yFacebook-Insightsou have a Facebook page, you’ve probably noticed the “Insights” menu at the top of your profile. These are basically your page’s stats. You can see information about your followers, likes, reach, page views, and more. We suggest using insights to help improve your social media presence. Here are some examples how:

  • Days & Times: In the “Posts” section of your insights, you have the ability to see what days of the week and times your fans are online. Schedule your posts to go out at these times and see if it improves your engagement.
  • Reach & Engagement: Reach is the amount of people who scroll past your post on their timeline. Engagement is the amount of people who clicked, shared, or commented on it. While it’s great to have a high reach, it’s even better to have high engagement. This means people are taking action on your posts in some way.

At the bottom of the “Posts” section in your insights, you’ll see all your past posts with stats. Look at posts that did well and ones that didn’t do well and think about why this happened. Did you include a photo in one and not the other? Was it a good time of day? Did you include a call-to-action?

  • Demographics: In the “People” section, Facebook provides demographic data about the people who like your page. You can see their sex, age, and location. Are these in line with your target audience? If not, how can you better reach your target audience? Or, do you think you should consider shifting the people you are targeting?
  • Experiment: After looking into all your insights, the best way to see what works for you is to experiment. Try different times, days, photos, language, links, and more. Keep track of what does well and continue doing those things.

Looking at insights can be overwhelming, but start slow and make small changes, and before you know it, you will have improved your Facebook page, leading more customers to your business.

This article was published in the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce’s September 2018 edition of the VenangoWorks! Newsletter.