Social Media Advice: The Power of a Share

In a world where people are bombarded with hundreds of social media posts daily and algorithms control what is seen, how can your business stand out? One way to get your posts out there is by encouraging people to use the share button.

When someone shares your post onto their personal feed, it helps you reach a larger audience. In addition to reaching your current followers, your post can be seen by the sharer’s Facebook friends.

There is also a better chance that those people will be interested in your product or service now, because they trust the recommendation of friends and family.share button

This article was published in the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce’s June 2018 edition of the VenangoWorks! Newsletter.






How can you encourage sharing of your posts?

  • Make sure your content is shareable. Is it interesting, relevant, and something your followers would want to send to other people?
  • Include people in your posts. People like to see photos of those they know.
  • Hold a Facebook contest. Encourage people to share your post to enter to win prizes.
  • Ask for shares. By simply adding a line in your post such as “please share this post,” you are creating a call to action.
  • Create relationships. The more people get to know your business and appreciate what you do, the more they will be willing to share your content.

The share button is an online version of word-of-mouth marketing. By engaging with people and encouraging them to share your posts, you create growth potential for both your social media page and business.