Why Millennials are Out-Networking You

Picture1So often the term “Millennial” carries a negative connotation. You hear about lazy Millennials, entitled Millennials, Millennials that will never move out of Mom and Dad’s basement, etc. One thing you may miss while stereotyping Millennials is the fact that we are constantly and consistently out-networking our elder counterparts. How is this possible though? How can such a narcissistic, lazy, work-dodging generation be killing it in the networking game?

More Baby boomers and Gen-Xers were marrying in their 20’s as compared to Millennials. One thing I’ve been told time and time again is “If you think you’re busy now, wait until you get married and have kids.” I believe it. That is also why Millennials, such as myself, can spend more time building relationships with network connections. If I go home for the night after work, or I go meet a connection for happy hour it matters not for my home life.

Since more of us are not marrying young, we need something else on which we can focus. Many of us choose our careers. We can get work done and keep up with connections even if we are away from our desks. Gone are the days where work can only be done within the four walls of your office building. We can close deals and keep up with our network connections on the golf course, at our desk, or even in a hunting blind. We also choose to spend some of our time volunteering. Volunteering is a tremendous way to grow your network while also being the change you want to see.

One of the last ways we are crushing it in networking is based on our knowledge of technology. It is easier than ever to keep up with friends that moved away, say “hi” to your old college roommate”, and see who’s been traveling where thanks to the internet and social media. Many of us are Facebook friends with our network connections. We follow each other on Instagram, and Twitter. Millennials are blurring the lines between business and personal and that is bringing many of us closer together and building stronger relationships.

So, next time you go to roast a lazy, apathetic Millennial maybe you should take a minute and think about what you could learn from one of us. Who knows, we might be motivated enough to get off the couch to show you how we network.

Submitted by Kurtis Bell