2017 Oil Heritage Festival Parade Registration (Online Form)

39th Annual Oil Heritage Festival Parade
 Saturday, July 22nd
Step off: 5:00 PM

Oil City, Pennsylvania

The Largest Parade in Venango County, PA!


“Oil City: A Transportation Hub Then and Now” Entries are encouraged to celebrate the features of Oil City as a transportation link past, present and future.  Suggestions for ideas include the river, railroad, trolley, air service, and the upcoming multimodal hub.


All entry forms must be sent in advance.  Confirmation of Registration will be sent via the email address provided on the registration form. If an email address is not provided, please call the Chamber of Commerce at 814.676.8521 to confirm your registration. Your entry    numbers will be mailed to the address on your entry form one week prior to the parade.  Please display your entry numbers prominently during the entire parade.  The deadline for entry is July 14th  but late entries are accommodated wherever possible.


Floats/Walking Groups and Novelty Groups will be judged as you proceed through the judging area in front of PNC Bank, Seneca Street. They will be judged on General Effect, Design, Construction, Theme. Each float will be judged within its division.

Performance Groups will be judged at their performance in front of the judging area at Central Avenue Plaza. They will be judged on Choreography, General Effect and Showmanship.

Marching Units/Fire & Recue Equipment/Cars/Motorized units, will not be judged.

Judging Stand:  The judging stand will be located in front of PNC Bank, Seneca Street, Northside.

The Judging Stand will be well marked. This is a forward-motion event.  Units will be judged as they pass through the judging area.  To prevent lulls in the parade, please stay as close as possible to the group in front of you.


The Venango Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to require proof of insurance prior to accepting parade registrations.

Drum and Baton Corps:  Have baton twirlers as the mainstay of their unit.  Baton corps usually consists of baton twirlers, silks, and a drum line (or a good quality sound system).

Junior Corps:  Have an average age of thirteen or younger.

Senior Corps:  Have an average age of fourteen or older.

Drill Teams:  Have a dance line as their mainstay of their unit.  The dance line may use pom-poms, flags, rifles, etc.  Drill teams will usually have music to accompany them.

Gymnastics:  Will be judged separately, and not as a novelty unit.

Horse Groups: Will be judged in the non-musical unit category. The group must have a clean-up crew to follow their unit through the parade.

Queens/Kings, Dignitaries, and Elected Officials: This category will not be judged, and must furnish their own vehicles and drivers.

Walking Groups: To prevent lulls in the parade, it is very important for your group to stay as close as possible to the group in front of you. Our parade is a forward-motion parade, and we ask for your assistance in maintaining a close distance between each group.

Fire & Rescue Equipment

We ask that you please refrain from blowing horns, sirens or whistles continuously during the parade.  If you are notified by radio or parade official of an emergency situation, we will ask that you refrain from blowing your horn at all.


Judging will take place in the judging area in front of the PNC Bank on Seneca Street. If your  category’s prize is a trophy, they will be available to pick up at Headquarters the following day, or at the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce the following Monday. If your prize is monetary, checks will be mailed to the address on the registration form by August 15, 2017.


We will attempt to accommodate special requests for line-up as much as possible.  Early responses are typically given preferential position so please reply as quickly as you can if your entry has a specific need and must be noted clearly on the registration form.

We hope you will be able to join us this year!

*The Chamber of Commerce cannot accept registrations over the phone. Please fax, mail, or email all registrations.

*The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to deny any entry.

Oil Heritage Festival Parade Registration

Please use this form to provide details of your entry in the OHF Parade
  • * email address will be used to send registration confirmation and for invitations to future parades*
  • Categories

    *Please select one category for judging purposes. Sorry, but entries without categories will not be judged. *The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to deny any entry.
    *Note: These entries will not be judged.
    *Note: Performing entries will be judged and awarded monetary prizes in each category.
    *Note: Novelty entries will be judged and awarded trophies in each category.
    *Note: Floats/Walking Group entries will be judged and awarded trophies.
    *Note: Cars/Motorized Units will not be judged.
  • Your units commentary must be submitted with application. This information will be provided to, the parade emcee and local radio and television stations. If this is not provided, nothing will be announced for your unit.
  • For safety reasons, no simulated or actual firearms or weapons will be allowed in the parade, with the exception of March Unit Color Guards and Military Service Groups/Organizations.
  • Throwing items/candy from a float/vehicle is highly discouraged. It is preferred that walkers are in place to distribute items/candy. At the risk of the Parade participant, candy my be dispersed by throwing underhand onto the surface of the street toward the curb. Any dispersal of candy other than by walkers is the sole responsibility and at the risk of the Parade participant.

Please note that any commentary that should be read by the parade announcer when passing thru the judging area, must accompany this registration form. Please note any local business that has provided your vehicle if you would like them to be recognized. Thank you!

Please return entry by July 14, 2017 to: 

 Venango Area Chamber of Commerce  | P.O. Box 376 | Oil City, PA 16301 | Phone: 814.676.8521  |  Fax: 814.676.8185