Straight from the pulpit

It seems that recently I have taken a similar approach to blogging and attending church. I think I’ll do it but only when the spirit hits me.  I know that this is a bad strategy on both counts. Along with many other areas of my life, I will only be successful when I develop good habits.  The good news is that yesterday I made the extra effort to get up, get ready and show up for Sunday services. Today I will blog about it!

I could likely write a whole series of blogs about church and our faith communities and their relevance to our business community, but yesterday the pastor’s message included a story that seemed worth sharing with everyone in the business of customer service.  I’ll save the details and names to protect the innocent but the general idea of the story went like this.  The pastor goes into a store, first thing in the morning.  There is no one to be found that can assist him.  After some time he finds two store employees, both offering bad advice. Once he finally makes his way to the checkout, things go from bad to worse. The result of the whole experience makes perfect subject matter for a sermon about anger.  Now think about this for a minute.  No one at the store recognized that this customer was a pastor (and probably wouldn’t have cared anyways).  Do you think the store’s management might have cared if they had realized that this customer would share his experience with more than 200 people in one sitting? My guess is that this story will be repeated many times over, with the store name and details included.

It may be worth considering who your next customer is and what audience they have access to.