Titan Competition Challenges Businesses

TITAN_LOGOJA Worldwide (Junior Achievement) is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating young people about business, economics, and free enterprise. Junior Achievement works closely with the business and education communities to deliver programs that teach K-12 students age-appropriate, hands-on lessons about how to be financially literate.

After participating in Junior Achievement programs, students see the important connections between education, career, salary and desired lifestyle. In the Venango Area volunteers from the business community have been serving in the classroom of local school districts for several year.

In 2000, JA Worldwide™ (Junior Achievement) launched JA Titan under its current name as a Web-based product. Set in the year 2035, JA Titan creates a world in which players are CEOs of their own companies.

During game play, students must run a manufacturing company and master six key business decisions: price of product, production levels, marketing expenses, research and development costs, capital investment level, and charitable giving. Various corporate assistants “help” the player through each phase, or “quarter,” of game play.

Success in JA Titan is measured by a “Performance Index,” an evaluation of each fictional company’s performance based on the following:

  • Retained Earnings (50%)
  • Supply and Demand Potential (20%)
  • Productivity (10%)
  • Market Share (10%)
  • Growth (10%)

During game play, players attempt to achieve the highest Performance Index possible. At game end, the player with the highest company Performance Index wins.

At this year’s Venango Works Trade Show students and business people will team up to compete against each other, playing JA Titan.

Students from the Cranberry, Oil City and Titusville school districts will participate, with the first game starting at 12:05 on Friday, in the malls center court.  The second game will begin at 12:45.  Each game lasts 30 minutes.  You too can try your hand at JA Titan on the website http://titan.ja.org.