Cleaned up and ready for business

cleanup1It seems that this is the time of year when we are all inspired to cleanup.  Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd and Great America Cleanup projects have been going on nationally, as well as locally. Yesterday, over 300 volunteers were out weeding, sweeping and picking up litter in Oil City. Businesses all over town took a little extra time to not only shine up their own store front, but also work with other community members in the public areas.  Of course, we should all agree that keeping our businesses neat and clean is an important part of making a great impression on our customers; and should be done continually.  But there is something special about the day when we all get out and work together. Students from all of the area High Schools participated yesterday, along with city officials and young professionals.   Along with the pangs of hunger and the ache of a few muscles, were the faces of pride in a community- ready for a season of visitors and fun summer events.cleanup2

If you have recently worked on a project to make your business or a public area look it’s best, please share your comments or forward your before and after pictures to We’d love to share our community pride!