Yikes! Change Can Be Hard

This is the time of year when we step back and consider what strategies from the past are still working and what needs a little shake up. We may do this in our homes and communities and we certainly do this at the Chamber. Even when we suspect that change might be beneficial it can be scary. Have you noticed the new format of the Chamber’s newsletter? That one was an easy one. But what if we were to try something a little more challenging? Many of the Chamber’s events have become traditions for our members and the community. Often there are circumstances beyond our control that require changes in time or location of events.

Does anyone remember when the new bridge was built in Oil City and the Oil Heritage Parade was rerouted around the city’s South Side? Other changes are in the interest of better using resources available. Oil Heritage Week became Oil Heritage Festival (4 days) when sponsorships and volunteers lessened. This year promises to bring more change. None are taken lightly and all are in the attempt to bring more visitors to the region and more opportunity to our businesses. We hope that you like the changes we have in store. I promise not to make you wait long to hear. One thing is for sure, you are enthusiastically invited to join us for a better than ever Oil Heritage Festival, July 22-25, 2010!