Better Together

I was fortunate this morning to once again be able to meet with representatives from across the region to discuss how to work together to promote our area’s assets.  This was the 6th meeting specific to how to market the rich concentration on Arts related businesses that exist across the Venango Area and Oil Region.

There continue to be a wealth of ideas flowing, punctuated by the obvious challenges faced by all. Do we have the time, the resources, the finances?  The questions remain to be answered but we inch closer to the answers and it is clear that the only way to fully accomplish this group’s goals is to work together, relentlessly!

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1 Randy Seitz { 09.02.09 at 1:15 pm }

I agree! We are stronger together than we will ever be apart. I enjoy the strong working relationship that we (The Oil Region Alliance) share with the Venango Area Chamber and I hope it is an example for others to follow.