Getting Ready for Summer

I’m thinking about the shift in gears that takes place about now at the Chamber.  There is a note-able change that occurs in our office that seems to permeate everyday.  Festival Season is here!  Every other phone call we receive seems to be related to the whens and the wheres of what will go on during Oil Heritage Festival.  The office will begin to look different as our windows display sponsors, boxes of printed materials arrive and supplies are pulled from storage.

While this is the most obvious shift in office, there are others.  We greet far more visitors that are traveling through the Oil Region or returning to visit family.  I think there’s a change that goes on for me as well.  It is much more appealing to get out from behind my desk (which I definitely do all year round, but…) and hit the streets.  Networking goes full tilt!

What does all this mean for you and your business?  There are new and different opportunities with every season, not only in your shop but through the Chamber.  It’s the perfect time to  check in with us or flag me down. Let’s prop open the doors and raise up the shades and show everyone we’re open for business and ready for Summer in Venango!