Arts in Venango


Arts in Venango County are nothing new. The communities that scatter Northwest PA have a long history of all genres from Painters and Potters to Singers and Dancers. Creative Writers have found the serene setting to provide a great background for their Art, often enhance by a colorful history to provide a subject for their fact or fiction. The region has produced artists that are world renowned, as well as those who are obscure. And then there are those committed individuals who may not fit the description of artists themselves but have a passion for supporting the arts and making sure that they are available to all ages.

Recently, new attention has been given to the arts as a potential economic driver, most notably in Oil City. The last year has proven that indeed this is an effort worth paying attention to, as the community has attracted several home buying, engaged, artists looking for an affordable friendly community to pursue their passions. The good news is that under the urging of Suzanne Gagliardo (a community leader and artist herself) and the enthusiastic cooperation across communities, representatives from Franklin, Titusville and Oil City are now meeting regularly to discuss how the communities, all sharing the common trait of Route 8, can work together to market this valuable characteristic of being an Arts Region. Without question this is a winning scenario for all. Visit our Links to the Arts to learn more about this region and for a truly unique view of what’s going on go to visit the Artists Ning – social networking site. Be inspired!

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1 Joann Wheeler { 05.13.09 at 7:33 am }

The possibilities of regional marketing and cross-marketing are huge — I am so glad our communities are getting together on this!
Thanks for being part of it, Susan!